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Drs. Kenneth and Lynda Brown bring all of who they are and share it through their efforts to serve each clients of all ages. "We believe we are called to serve our clients honorably with commitment and sincerity."

What To Expect At Your Visit/TeleHealth?

We love what we do.  It is our honor and pleasure to serve families and we take pride in aiding them in the recovery, restoration and/or maintenance process.  Drs. Ken and Lyn communication style is designed to help people recognize both positive and negative views and mannerisms and learn how to best utilize them for maximum effect at home, work, school and play.  We value the clients perception as much as their actual realities. Our counseling focuses on a wholistic view of our clients life’s – past, present and their future.  Our counseling often places the clients lives on screen as we observe their status from a “drone’s” view.  Clients will be introduced to dozens of  individual and relationship assessment tools, opening questions and reflective homework on a regular bases. 


To obtain a better feel for what to expect, please take a peak at the latest reviews from people all over the country and demographic sampling:

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