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Kenneth Brown


Dr. Kenneth Brown is a trained Christian based family counselor with over 30 years of service and together with his wife, the former Dr. Lynda Duncan, they established Ken-Lyn Consultants and Associates in 2017. Dr. Brown has active clients in nearly every state of the US and six foreign countries. He is a father, coach, a veteran, an entrepreneur, educator, community leader and a consultant. Dr. Brown provides varied services to meet the complicated needs of families. His 17 Commonly Used Communication Techniques have been used widely to bring couples back into a healthy relationship status. He serves the entire family from ages 8 to 80 and specializes in urban youth; pre-college prep and mentoring; pre-marital; infidelity complexities; blended and extended families; grief counseling, PISD and PTSD, adult unresolved issues within a family that requires group sessions. Dr. Brown is a national counselor who has only received five-star customer reviews from every demographic that comprises the United States. Every walk of life, every age group, every ethnicity, military, celebrities, politicians, truckers, nurses, lawyers, etc., have all shared their same stated quality assessment of Dr. Brown’s services towards their intimate and challenging family dynamics. Dr. Brown and his practice of seven interns and life coaches who serve diligently to meet community-based needs. They assist approximately 40 urban middle school youth through their contracted services with the KIPP Charter Schools of San Antonio, TX. They provide tutoring, mentoring and counseling services to the students and families. Dr. Brown has been conducting local and regional workshops on family empowerment in Churches, schools and family living rooms for the past 30 years. Group couples’ sessions are something that he takes much pride in and has recently been hired abroad to provide such services to a private group of investors and their families. Dr. Brown served one of the investors for couples counseling and it blossomed into local small group resort-based sessions local and abroad. Through this venue, Dr. Brown empowers executive married couples towards reaching stronger communications, conflict resolution and regaining trust using candid talk, couples’ activities, assessments and guiding the couple to create plans of action individually, for the relationship/marriage and for the family as a whole.
These counseling, mentoring and tutoring services are all outreaches of the Kingdom Outreach Center, where Dr. Brown serves as the organizing pastor and lead discipler since 2013.

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