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Ken-Lyn Consultants

Ken-Lyn Consultants began as a manifestation of the love of their leadership, Drs. Kenneth and Lynda Brown, they are the son and daughter of a sharecropper, a dentist, an educators and an office manager.  This couple brings all of who they are and they share it through their efforts to serve each client from the youngest to the oldest.  Experts in counseling, consultants to Church, Business and Education, Drs. Brown consider it their honor to speak with you about serving your family and associates with personalized care.


Our mission is to serve the nation's families to bring wisdom, refreshment and hope in counseling, coaching and training in the following areas:  Couples/Individuals, Pre-Marital, Restoration, Career Development, Entrepreneurs, Youth/Mentorship, Family Groups and Intern Development.  


Ken-Lyn was birthed out of the love, atmosphere and lifestyle that Drs. Kenneth and Lynda Brown have for one another.  Ken-Lyn is the adjective, the noun and verb of that love.  We are not chasing after clients or financial gain, but rather - Family Wins!!

Mascarade Party
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