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College Internship Program

OBJECTIVE:  To provide a counseling environment that compliments an intern’s educational and practicum matriculation.


REQUIREMENTS: Students must have a proven ability to aid children/youth and/or young adults academically and socially. A GPA of 3.0 is mandatory. Reliable transportation and/or a proficiency with public transportation. Curriculum/textbooks and reports will be generated for possible grade as directed by the student’s academic institution. Some weekend hours are required. Interns must have an independent ability to serve without monitoring. Candidates must be punctual in order to perform their duties timely manner. Candidates must submit to background check. Three letters of recommendation and a completed application no less one month prior to the start of the next semester. Willingness to conduct self-assessments and to be evaluated by fellow interns. The internship program delivers encouragement without any hints of negative criticism. However, the
intern must be willing to accept constructive criticism. Lastly, interns likely will be asked to perform some of their duties virtually therefore, knowledge of technology such as software, academic programs, smartphone, tablet/computer is a must.

Internship Opportunities

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