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COVID WARNING – As recommended by health experts, including the CDC, please wear a mask; social distancing will be enforced.  Anyone previously exposed to COVID should quarantine before exposing yourself to others.

Primary Parent Contact Info:

Emergency Contact Info:

Parent Volunteers:

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Pick up and Drop off:

Allergies/Food or Otherwise:

BEHAVIOR:  Student agrees to following behavioral norms that would be accepted at school or any public assembly.  If any participant, child, parent, intern or leader ever conducts themselves in an inappropriate way, an immediate and appropriate action will take place to de-escalate the disruption.  Our program is built on a :60-:90 minute schedule for most events, so in all likelihood, the parent/guardian would be called upon for immediate pick up of their child should he/she misbehaves. 

MASKS:  Student agrees to wear a mask while participating during this COVID season unless we have an outdoor activity in which social distancing would be normative. 

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