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Ken-Lyn is providing internships for the following disciplines:

Do you have a criminal record?
Will you agree to submit and pay for your own background check?
Do you have reliable transportation?

In addition to serving within your discipline as indicated above, please know that as a part of your internship, you will be asked to participate in setting up offices, working within an office environment, cleaning up if necessary, making phone calls, marketing, running errands, making phone calls, participating in symposiums and conferences, etc. 

Are you willing to do such on occasion?

While working with others, we ask all interns to accept a confidentiality policy that states that whatever client and/or business conducted within Ken-Lyn that you may be exposed to will remain confidential under penalty of law. Additionally, do you agree that all intellectual discoveries/creations while serving (in conjunction with) at Ken-Lyn will be the legal rights and property of Ken-Lyn Consultants?  

Do you accept this policy?

Interns are asked to never post any images/statements on the internet without the written or expressed agreement of the leadership of Ken-Lyn

Do you accept this policy?

Ken-Lyn requires three self-assessments to be a part of our program.  One of them has a $65 fee while the others are proctored without a charge.  The assessment is the Arno Temperament Survey.  All such assessments will be used during trainings.

Do you agree to this policy?
Are there any days that you are already aware that you will not be available online or in office?
Do you agree to maintain self-discipline, mature etiquette, professional attire and a reputation at the office and beyond as a representative of Ken-Lyn (this includes any social media postings)? Do you agree to such a policy?
Ken-Lyn requires your internship tenure duration for ONE entire semesters, Fall, Spring or Summer with the eligibility to continue if requested. Do you agree to such a policy?
Ken-Lyn requires TWO reference letters of support to qualify for this internship. One should be from an educator and the others from a community leader or former supervisor of your choice. Do you agree to such a policy?

Do you know of a friend/associate that Ken-Lyn should contact to make them aware of our internship opportunities?  If so, list their name and contact information

Thanks for registering.

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