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Featuring: Mr. Deion Riley

TERMS OF AGREEMENT--First Fratt/Sorror Registration Form is required to be completed first:

1.) Requires a commitment by parents and students of no less than 10 tutoring sessions, conducted either one or more times per week to generally
assist with classes and/or to prepare for examinations.


2.) Fees are to be paid prior to being seen by any of our tutors. 

3.) A full cancellation fee of $50 will be assessed if the client cancels their appointment within 24 hours of the session.   

4.) Initial Registration Fee: $50 (paid before services are rendered)

5.) Fees/Duration: :30-:40 minutes per session at $50 per (paid before services are rendered)

6.) Material to be submitted as soon as possible:
     A.  A sample of student’s latest graded Math work (within the last 1-2 weeks)
     B.  The latest transcript/report card
     C.  A collection of the math lessons/topics and sample problems that the student has the MOST difficulty with


7.) During the time of tutoring, the student should be in the following positioning:
     A. Sitting upright at a desk or table with their lamb or light from window “in front” of the student.
     B. Prepared with 2-3 sharpened pencils and a scratch piece of paper

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