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Wholistic Family Counseling


A. Complex Relationship Issues

B. Healing Communication Dilemmas

C. Establishing/Reconstructing Relationship Foundations

D. Mining for Family/Relationship Wisdom

E. Conjoint Counseling (both Drs. Ken & Lyn will join the session for :90 minutes - usually on the weekends)

F. INTERNSHIPS: We provide a practicum center for students seeking internships - Locally and Nationally

G. Unique Hours: Evenings and weekends - but we only see five clients per day.



1. Depression/Anxiety Issues

2. Blending Families (Step Children/Step Parenting/Co-Parenting, etc.)

3. Career Counseling

4. Adolescence and Mentoring – see First Fratt

5. Codependency

6. Coping Skills

7. Mediation: Parenting Agreements/Divorce Decrees without the high cost of attorneys and courts

8. Domestic Abuse

9. Domestic Violence

10. Education and Learning Disabilities

11. Grief

12. Life Coaching

13. Men's Issues - Counseling for Ladies Desiring a Male Counselor's Perspective

14. Military/Uniform Services Workers/Truckers and Medical Workers

15. Racial Identity

16. Self Esteem

17. Self-Harming

18. Spirituality

19. Stress

20. Trauma and PTSD

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